Bring on the Fun!

Bring on the Fun!

Ohana’s Shave Ice is the perfect addition to any event!  With Truck, Kiosk or VIP service, no event is too big or small!  We are sure to please and impress your guest!

Cruse through our service options to see what would work for you. Fill out the request form and we’ll be in contact within 24 hours. That easy!


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Ohana's Shave Ice

Food Truck Service

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing the Ohana’s Shave Ice truck pulling into your parking lot! Schools, daycares, churches, corporate events or offices - you name it and we’ll be there! Covering events small, large, and everything in-between or just for something special, your guests will never forget ordering from the Ohana’s truck! Our gourmet shave ice truck is bright, colorful and inviting that makes lasting impressions your guests will be cheerfully reminiscing about for months to come. A full-service store on wheels, the Ohana’s truck can handle 100-150 servings per hour. Reserve the truck for your event today!

Our truck offers the greatest flexibility for event bookings. Additional fees may apply for travel, time, and mileage. Best suitable for larger events and gatherings.

Mobile Kiosk Service

Our mobile kiosk setup is a great option for public, private and community events when the Ohana’s truck is not available or there is limited access to space or parking. Our kiosk setup is a 10' x 10' custom serving station with all the necessary equipment and supplies to serve you and your event guests. This mobile set up option is typically booked for longer duration events and can be scaled to accommodate as little, or as many guests as necessary to keep waiting times down to a minimum.

Mobile Kiosk Service is suitable for all types of events and gatherings. Additional fees may apply for travel, time, and mileage.

Ohana's Shave Ice

Table-Top VIP Service

The Ohana’s Shave Ice table top VIP service offers the best value with the greatest flexibility. Your guest get the same quality of shave ice and level of service as with the Ohana’s Shave Ice truck and Kiosk, only in a more compact set up and space. Perfect for the smaller of events, whether indoor or outdoor setting. Birthday, driveway, or office parties, everyone will enjoy a taste from Hawaii!

Ohana’s can accommodate small events with a single block shaver set up or we can scale and arrange to accommodate your needs.

Additional fees may apply for travel, time, and mileage.

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