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‘OHANA’  Is the Hawaiian term meaning Family.  We are proud to be locally owned and family operated, we love sharing our piece of Hawaii with your family!  NO franchise or corporate setting here, just the love of supporting our community. 

The thought becomes a major reality

Ohana’s has been serving Kansas City and surrounding areas since 2015. With a love for Hawaii and the Hawaiian style shave ice, we wanted to give back to our community the treat we’ve grown to love.  After having the opportunities to visit the Hawaiian islands over the years we wanted to bring a piece back to our home town to share what we’ve grown to love.  Something that  bring smiles and happiness, what better then Shave Ice!? The idea along with the concept and name was born in 2014 and fully launched in the spring of 2015. Because of our wonderful customers coming back and supporting us over the years our family business has continued to thrive and grow allowing the opportunity to serve so many others. 

The future awaits

We love seeing the smiles and happiness Ohana’s brings all across our community. Our goal is to create a fun and welcoming relationship with our customers. We are passionate about creating the highest quality shave ice.  Your idea is our creation just for you! We’re always mixing it up and trying something new. We love what we do!

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Drop a note or come by and see us! Ohana’s Shave Ice – Kansas City’s local shave ice company.

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