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Choose from our list of exciting flavors!

Blue Raspberry Banana Birthday Cake Black Cherry
Bubblegum Cherry Coconut Cotton Candy
Grape Green Apple Lemon Lime
Mango Orange Peach Pina Colada
Pineapple Pink Lemonade Red Raspberry Root Beer
Strawberry Tigers Blood Vanilla Watermelon
Blue Cotton Candy *Sugar Free Cherry *Sugar Free Blue Raspberry *Sugar Free Strawberry

Classic Combinations

Blue Hawaii

Blue Raspberry & Pineapple

Rock N’ Roll

Grape, Blueberry, Blue Raspberry

Very Berry

Strawberry, Red & Blue Raspberry

Maui Sunrise

Cherry, Lemon, Orange


Orange & Vanilla Drizzle


Strawberry & Banana

Hawaiian Rainbow

Red & Blue Raspberry, Lemon

Royal Kansas City

Blue Raspberry & Coconut

The Arrowhead

Cherry & Banana

Favorite Add-ons

Vanilla Ice Cream

$ 1

Sno Cap

$ .50

Sour Spray

$ .50

Specialty Combinations (Only a Dollar Extra!)

Root Beer Float

(Root Beer & Vanilla Flavor, W/ Ice Cream in Bottom)

Banana Split

(Banana & Strawberry Flavor, W/ Ice Cream in Bottom)

Strawberry Short Cake

(Strawberry & Birthday Cake Flavor, W/ Ice Cream in Bottom)

Sweet Georgia Peach

(Peach & Strawberry Flavor, W/ Ice Cream in Bottom)
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